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I am Michael Bernard Lattimore DTM GISP, America's Digital Defender™
, the world's only Inspirational Technologist and identity theft expert who delivers Everything you need for Safety in Cyberspace...

If you, or someone close to you has become an identity theft victim, my intention is to support you on the road back to recovering your life.

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Finally if you are one of the 200+ million Americans who has not yet become an identity theft victim, then you will find  information here to help you become Aware, Armor yourself and develop an Action plan to protect yourself and your loved ones WHEN it happens... (Probabilities are it WILL happen and when it does, you will not want be a VICTIM of this crime- you WILL want to be prepared!)

The 21st century has created a new wave of identity theft victims and opened the door to hundreds of new digital threats including sophisticated new viruses and internet worms, new forms of identity theft and evil hacker attacks.

"I learned some lessons growing up on Chicago's southside during a very turbulent and dangerous time. My neighborhood was like wartime Beirut with people dying in the streets daily!

"Something" kept me alive during that period and as I reflected back, I realized some powerful principles that apply when we are in dangerous surroundings, like the Internet or a gang-infested neighborhood.

When you apply these principles, a strange metamorphosis occurs and the person who once may have been victim, now evolves into a new species; an emergent Hero who is now capable of helping others to stay safe!

I believe that there is a Hero inside of all us, capable of exercising the Super-Power of Choice. Choice keeps us from becoming Victim. But before we can choose, we must be first be Aware. Bringing that Awareness to my new friends is my reason for being here. And I believe in having FUN while doing it!"

My intention is to help you provide you with choices that you can use to protect your business assets, your families and yourself.

Here's a brief quiz to assess your readiness to avoid victimhood:

Q: Who becomes an Identity Theft Victim?
Anyone who is not prepared with an Action plan when this crime happens to them will become an identity theft victim. At the current rate of infection, 1 new victim every 36 seconds, it may not be long before your number is drawn.

Q: What is your identity? Can it really be stolen?
This is an individual answer since many are not  aware  of who they really are. Many people do not know that they have more power than they realize. Your identity can be stolen if you are not aware of the choices you have to protect yourself.

Q: How do they steal my identity?
Your identity can be stolen if you are are made to believe something that is not true about yourself. Many people who have failed to choose to Armor themselves have fallen, or will fall Victim to this crime. Even refusing to make a choice - is a choice.

Q:What does it take to become a Victim?
Failure to act.

Q:What choices can I make to become my own Hero?
The first step is Awareness. Find out all you can about this crime so that you will not become an identity theft victim. Next you want to Armor yourself with the appropriate tools. Third, develop an Action plan so that you will know what to do when it happens.

Finally, it never hurts to have a trusted Advisor handy to help you through the rough spots :-)

Let me help keep your kids safe online and share with you some insider secrets for safety in cyberspace. We will have a great time together and will learn a lot about the Hero inside of us all!
...America's Digital Defender™ Michael Bernard Lattimore, GISP, MCP

Nationally known for his dynamic and controversial "Who's Watching YOUR Computer?" seminars, Mike Lattimore also offers inside information for protecting Americans from the ravages of Identity Theft. With over 40 million Americans already affected (FTC statistics show 1 in 8 Americans have been impacted), its only a matter of time before you, or someone you know, will be affected by this devastating digital crime!

Learn how easy it is to  implement proactive protection strategies for your business enterprise, school and home computers. Learn why over 3000 Americans fall victim DAILY to the number ONE growing Digital Crime = IDENTITY THEFT! Find out what you can do TODAY to protect the credit and credibility of yourself and your family.

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