FTC Statistics say 1 in 8 Americans are already victimized by this Global crime! 

Soon Americans will see the first wave of international identity thefts occuring as more companies utilize offshore customer service operations, critical personal information from this country will be shipped offshore, compromised and used for fraudulent purchases.

Don't be a victim. Know...

Who's Watching YOUR Identity?



America's Digital Defender reveals how to keep your personal information safe.
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What do they want?
They want YOUR IDENTITY!...among OTHER things.
Hackers can obtain new credit cards, social security cards, drivers licenses, and passports, then create blackmarket credit profiles USING YOUR IDENTITY that sell for $5000 or more!

How do they get in to my computer?
Often they send malicious programs hidden inside e-mails you receive every day.!

What can I do about it?
Book Mike Lattimore, America's Digital Defender to speak to your organization and you can learn TODAY how to stop computer criminals from ruining your life TOMORROW!

Remember, its not a matter of IF you'll be attacked-
It's only a matter of WHEN!

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